What Home Education Gives Your Children

●The chance to learn at their own pace.

●To think for themselves, have the time to work out different ways of

● To play, explore and enjoy being a child.

● Grow to understand the meaning of real friendship.

● A choice about learning styles.

● A choice about learning content.

● A chance to get to know both themselves and you better.

●An understanding what being in a family is all about on another level of consciousness.

●Creates good long lasting relationships between parents, grandparents,brothers, sisters, colleagues and associates.

● A chance to trust their feelings.

● Boosts self esteem.

● An understanding of their own learning abilities.

● Kicks out stereotypes.

●Allows children to rethink the stigma that “learning is not cool”, when in fact learning is the key to everything.

● Reintroduces the rites of passage.

● Helps children gain a sense of identity.

● Helps them to grow up and mature, with a positive outlook on life

● Freedom from peer pressure.

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