Wednesday, 8 July 2015

21st Century Learning

For years people have been looking for new ways of bringing  information to all. This had taken on the form of institutions with deadlines, resources and manpower.
Thanks to Bernard Lee (inventor of the world wide web), we are all marching forward in our quest for answers. Slowly this had progressed, but with new innovation life has got that much accessible.

Learning, exploring, networking, has made Home educating a fast moving collective. Having parents who have access to all sorts of styles of learning with a hands on knowledge base, stretching over a life time. Gives children role models that research adapt to coordinate learning. New, old approaches to varied structured and autonomy creates a superb environment for creative learning.

The chance to travel close to home and further afield has been a great advantage for both children and parents. Families may go thousands of miles around the world all year round. Exploring people, culture,  architecture, landscapes, different environments, plants and animals. Staying in all sorts of habitats giving a understanding of how life can be for others as well as oneself.

Technologies have come, gone, been modified and completely redesigned.  Home educators embrace the changes and utilize the opportunity to up grade, replace, hardware and software. Looking at how these past and present innovations, are shaping our lives in the current present and future, enabling children to take up the new challenges ahead. 

Networking plays a huge part in the day to day connection with all things and people. Access brings a world of uninterrupted exploration with knowledge of all things. Know and unknown. Giving scope for discussion and debate as well as meet ups where both adult and child can gain friendships with support. 

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